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Buddy, organic drinks made from superfoods that enhance concentration, memory, and energy.

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An ultra-healthy production, 100% Belgian, with no equivalent elsewhere in Europe

Improve mental performance

Buddy, your partner for an elephantine memory, becomes your ally for optimal mental performance. Thanks to its two superfoods, it enhances cognitive functions while providing a constant and long-lasting energy.

100% Natural and organic

Buddy contains exclusively 100% natural and organic ingredients, an irresistible invitation even for our koala friends.

2 Organic superfoods

Buddy contains two superfoods whose virtues are supported by clinical studies. By uniting the benefits of Ginkgo Biloba and natural Guarana caffeine, each sip transforms into an infusion of mental clarity.

Low in sugar and calories

With just 13 kcal/100 ml and 2.1 g/100 ml of organic cane sugar, each sip reveals a light and delicate taste.

You talk about it better than we do!

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Nathalie B.

Discovery pack

Order received, I got the Discovery Pack. Truly a fantastic discovery that boosts my energy; I shared it with my family, and they liked it too. I'll be ordering again in a few days!

Gilles W.

Discovery pack

Ordered on Monday and received on Wednesday in just under 48 hours!

I love the concept; I bought them for my partner, who consumes quite a few energy drinks, in search of a healthier alternative.

So, don't expect to be drinking a beverage filled with sugar and flavor enhancers. Here, we have a healthier, less guilt-inducing product to enjoy, and that's exactly what we were looking for ;)

Frédéric H.

Discovery pack

I tried all 3 varieties; it's unusual at first because we're used to all that sugar, but it's actually very good. Plus, it's from our own country. I say bravo to the young creators!

Natacha M.

Discovery pack

I ordered the Discovery Pack, and I'm impressed. As a heavy consumer of energy drinks, I wanted to try something other than the usual big brands as I was getting tired of them, and I'm not disappointed. I'll definitely be placing more orders. The flavors are light, but very good, and the fact that they're much less sweet is appreciated. The energizing effects are also noticeable. Bravo to you, and keep up the good work!

Sophie Huvelle


Having tested it, it's fantastic. It's a drink that helps you stay in shape without jeopardizing your health with all the sugar found in regular energy drinks...

Nico D.

Discovery pack

Very happy to have discovered Buddy, great taste (a bit surprising at first because it's less sweet than the competition), and it delivers the desired effect!
Since I started drinking it, I've completely stopped consuming another soda that I couldn't seem to break away from... ;)

Antoine B.

Discovery pack

Unbelievable! It's just unbelievable! A super clean product with no additives or other ingredients harmful to health. The effect is smooth, and the taste is delicious. I drink it almost every day before exercising or before a professional meeting or when recording a podcast. I consume it with peace of mind, having confidence in what I put into my body, without fear, unlike with Red Bull, Monster, or others, where I worry about long-term health effects. I recommend it 100%.

Jonathan W.

Discovery pack

I love caffeine but not coffee and had been searching for a healthy, unsweetened energy drink (without sweeteners!) for a long time. I receive a pack every month and drink it every day.

Hélène Pinczewski

Discovery pack

The first organic energy drink that really works!! Super tasty, effective, fun packaging, and top-notch customer service. It's the comfort during exams <3

Isabelle B.

Discovery pack

Taste and quality, concrete actions to reduce pollution, very reasonable price, my 4 children, teenagers, and young adults appreciate it... What more could you want? ... One day, one-liter bottles?

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