How buddy works?

Natural energy supported by neuroscience

Discover how our unique beverage combines the best of nature with the expertise of neuroscience to offer you an exceptional experience.

The power of organic superfoods

Buddy draws its strength from certified organic superfoods, carefully selected for their proven health benefits. Our commitment to nature is reflected in every sip.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba, known for its beneficial properties on cognitive functions, is at the heart of Buddy. It promotes memory, concentration, and increased mental clarity.


Buddy derives its energy from guarana, a natural source of caffeine. This constant and sustainable energy is released without the undesirable effects of synthetic coffee.

Validated by neuroscience

Buddy was developed in close collaboration with Legisana, a company specializing in dietary supplements. Together, we explored the connections between neuroscience and the benefits of superfoods.

Scientific Studies

Every step of Buddy's creation is supported by scientific data and in-depth research. We are proud to share this information with you because we believe that transparency is the key to trust.

Your healthy solution, verified by Yuka

Buddy goes beyond being just an energy drink; it's your healthy solution, supported by informed choices and an exceptional rating of 65 on Yuka.