Yes, our cans are infinitely recyclable.

Please remember to recycle them.

Sugar and calories

Yes buddy contains a small amount of organic cane sugar (2.1g per 100ml).

This is 76% less than ordinary energy drinks.

We chose organic cane sugar because it is the only sugar that is beneficial to your health. It is organically grown, not processed or refined and retains all the minerals, vitamins and amino acids of the sugar cane.

One buddy contains 5.25 grams of sugar (2.1g/100ml).

This is 76% less than ordinary energy drinks.

No, we opted for cane sugar because more and more studies are showing the negative effects of sweeteners on health.

Sweeteners, also known as sugar substitutes or fake sugars, are food additives with a sweet taste.

One buddy contains 31.75 calories (13 kcal/ 100ml)

This is 71% less than traditional energy drinks.


Health superfoods are natural foods with exceptional nutritional value. They have a very high concentration of minerals, vitamins, trace elements, micronutrients, essential fatty acids and/or antioxidants in a small volume. Perfect for boosting energy and immunity.

Natural flavour comes from a natural product that is processed to concentrate it. Various techniques can be used to extract the aromatic compounds found in nature. Some of them are really simple, like infusion, which we have all experienced.

Another way to extract the aroma from the original fruit is by dehydration, removing the water from the plant or fruit, or by distillation. Extraction with a water- or alcohol-based solvent is also a very common process.

All of these physical processes result in a highly concentrated liquid product that is perfectly suited to food preparation.

Yes, yes, yes and yes ☺

Yes, buddy contains 80mg of natural caffeine from Guarana.

NB: High caffeine content, do not exceed 400mg per day all sources combined.


buddy contains the active ingredients of Ginkgo biloba which are known to improve cognitive function. You can find more information in the section: "our benefits".

buddy is energizing because it contains 80mg of natural caffeine from guarana.

This is the equivalent of an espresso. You can find more information in the section: "our benefits".

Delivery & others

We recommend up to 2 cans per day. For a normal working day, it is best to take one can in the morning after breakfast, followed by another in the afternoon after lunch.

NB: High caffeine content: do not exceed 400mg per day from all sources

Packages are delivered by Bpost within 48 hours (2 working days).

Yes, we are a Belgian company and we produce in Belgium.

Yes, they are made entirely of corn starch and can be disposed of with your household waste.